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Congratulations on making your application to Newton Rigg College.  We are looking forward to welcoming you to the College in September to join us on your chosen course. 

To help make things run smoothly we would like to highlight the joining and enrolment instructions ahead of September. Please see enrolment instructions. You should also receive full instructions and documents through the post.

It’s really important that if you have received an offer of a place that you inform the College on whether you accept the offer. 

When you receive your exam results you must inform the College of your results to confirm your place at the College*.   Don’t worry if your exam results are not quite what you were expecting as you can discuss this with us and outline your course options.

*if you have received a conditional offer the receipt of the joining pack does not guarantee your place.

Joining and Enrolment – Step 1

You will receive confirmation of specific induction and enrolment dates through the post with regard to the course you have applied for.

What you need to do now (return a fully completed enrolment form)

We are looking forward to providing you with the final confirmation that your place on your course is secure.  Please can you return the identified documents in the pre-paid envelope in the joining pack you receive through the post or by visiting our enrolment section of our website as soon as possible to download and print the necessary documents.

Please return this now, you do not have to wait until you know your GCSE or other results.

Joining and Enrolment – Step 2

GCSE/AS/A2/Other (Results Day)

If your offer is conditional on GCSE/AS/A2 results and/or other entry requirements, you must contact the Student Records Team to inform them of your results as soon as they are known.  You may not be able to complete the enrolment procedure if your conditions have not been met.  We hope you achieve the grades you wanted or do better than expected.  If not, please do not worry, please contact Student Records, we will discuss your options.  If you are applying to study an FE course, we will look for another programme that will suit the grades you have achieved.  We would still like you to join us.

Joining and Enrolment – Step 3

STEP 3 - When you start (which documents YOU MUST bring to enrolment)

  • Exam result slip/s or certificates (if available) and a copy for our records
  • One proof of identification.  It is a Government requirement of the College to verify every student’s identity.  Acceptable documents are: Passport, Driving Licence, National Insurance card, Bank Credit/Debit card or National ID card (photocopies not accepted).
  • Payment (only if applicable) for all of the Course and Registration/Exam Fees or payment for 25% of the Course and Registration/Exam Fees and bank details to setup Direct Debit payments.  The Direct Debit starting in October must be for a maximum of 6 months.  If fees are less than £200 or the course less than 4 months, then full payment needs to be made at enrolment.  If paying by cheque it should be made payable to ‘Askham Byran College’.

Key Contacts

Student Records 01768 893651 or

Transport 01768 893400 or

Accommodation 01768 893709 or

Finance: 01904 772203 or 01904 772204 or

Transport & Accommodation

You can find out information about transport routes and accommodation on the College website, where we will update information as necessary, but if you have any questions with regard to either please contact reception on 01768 893 400 and ask for the transport office or for the accommodation office contact 01768 893 709, you can also email us with any questions you may have.